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Welcome to the Cambridge HOA website!

Our community is comprised of 662 single family homes.  We are located just off of Highway 485 and Harrisburg Road in Charlotte, NC. 

These are some of the projects currently being made within our community:

  • Landscaping
    Over the next few weeks, our landscaper will cut down most of the plum trees around the clubhouse commons area.  A certified arborist examined the trees and said they are dying of disease (a canker), old age, and adverse weather (primarily this summer's drought).  We will replace the plum trees along Cambridge Commons Drive at the Clubhouse with red buds which are also spring flowering trees.

    Around the end of Sept. into Oct., the landscaper will begin re-planting around the village monuments with dynamite crape myrtles and Carissa hollies.  At the Brawley Road monument, larger crape myrtles will be planted next to the magnolia tree and Carissa hollies, boxwoods, and seasonal color will go into the monument bed.  The beds in the large, entrance monuments will again be planted all in seasonal color so that the bed "pops" against the dark Leyland cypresses which back those two monuments.

    The Leylands dying along Cambridge Commons drive were sprayed for the disease afflicting them last week.  The arborist is unsure the Leylands can be saved but the disease they have is not transferable from tree to tree so we will keep them cleaned up and wait and see what happens.  

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