Mailbox & Post
All Cambridge mailboxes and posts are required to look the same as when they were installed when Cambridge was developed.  Although residents have added some personalization, HOA Covenants restrict what we can do with mailboxes and posts.  

Any change involving altering a home's exterior appearance requires Architectural Review Committee (ARC) consideration.  As with certain house colors, the mailboxes and posts help tie our homes together and make the community look nicer.

Residents not using the standard, community-approved mailbox and post, are violating HOA Covenants.  These residents will receive warning letters instructing them to change the mailbox and post back to the original type. 

Below you will see photos of the mailbox and two posts allowed in Cambridge. The mailboxes and wooden posts are available at Lowe's, Home Depot or other home improvement stores.  However, the metal posts must be ordered on-line.  If your community has wooden posts (unpainted, natural wood), they will need to be replaced or repaired with a wooden post.  Likewise for the metal posts (black in color).

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The metal post is available online only and must be in black.

Albion Mailbox Post & Floral Bracket.

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