Common Area & Pool

As we continue to follow the NC executive orders during Phase 2:
The following will remain closed:
Clubhouse, playground, basketball, tennis, & volleyball courts
The HOA will not be hosting any Social Events
The pool will open June 20th with limited occupancy and social distancing rules in effect. NO guests from outside of our community will be allowed.

Common Area
The common area is managed by the HOA Board. This includes the park, playground, picnic tables, tennis courts, volley ball court, basketball court area and swimming pool. The North Carolina Planned Community ACT provides the executive board with the powers to set rules for use of these area's. (47F-3-107.1 Procedures for fines and suspension of planned community privileges or services.) Once the judiciary board has a hearing for a violation of these rules, a resident's common area privileges can be suspended.

Rules for using common area:
  1. Must have a Cambridge Picture ID card provided by the HOA.
  2. Must be a homeowner in good standing (no outstanding dues and/or violations).  This also applies to renter at these properties.
  3. Must be courteous to others at all times.
  4. No use of illegal substances.
  5. No pets allowed
  6. No littering
  7. No destruction of HOA property
Cambridge Pool

The pool is open to current members and their immediate family. All current members must have an assigned key fob. These can be picked up at the pool/clubhouse. Only ONE key fob per household. Any additional key fobs will be subject to a $10.00 fee. All pool guests are required to pay a $3.00 fee. Maximum number of guests per home is five (5).  All guests must be signed in by the Homeowner only as they are responsible for their guests' behavior.  Any family members coming to visit for the summer can get a $25.00 seasonal pass. Check with the lifeguard on duty if you need to apply for a seasonal pass.  No guest may be from the Cambridge community. Please be prepared to have your guest show I.D. with their home address. Every guest is required to have a valid form of state I.D.  Only adult homeowners can sign in a guest.

Click here for >>> Pool Hours & Rules   

Tenants & Renters               

Tenants/renters that want pool passes will need to have a completed and signed 
Homeowners responsibility form. with them when they come to the pool.  You can download the form, have the homeowner complete/sign and bring to pool during normal business hours.

Vending Machines
The vending machines at the pool are provided for your convenience.  The proceeds go directly to refill the machine.  If you loose money, please send an email to and your money will be refunded.  Any attempt to defraud, damage or steal will result in being banned from the Common Areas.
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